Growing up in Galway, Ireland the four members of NewDad thank a random band name generator for their unusual moniker. This alternative indie rock band brings sombre themes to life with their easy-going sound, raw vocals and thrumming backing.

There’s a heaviness to the music, which the band pin to a love of The Cure, Pixies, and Slowdive among others. Julie Dawson’s songwriting brings a subtlety to their sound, weaving personal relationships and influences from the worlds of literature and cinema. 

Support FIEP writes captivating, distinct indie pop anthems that are both outgoing and introspective. Veerle Suzanna Driessen’s songcraft has a distinct ear for great hooks, but also a unique narrative quality; her music reveals the inward thoughts as frequently as the outward scream: the restlessness, the doubts, the musings and – most of all – the dreams.