This stylish Taiwanese #MeToo drama is considered to be the ‘godmother’ of a new genre, according to many movie critics. Wu Ke-xi, who plays the lead, wanted to incorporate her personal experiences in the Taiwanese film industry, combining this with the comparable excruciating stories of so many others. Once director Midi Z was on board, her vision was translated into a Lynchian screenplay on the internalisation of sexual abuse. Prepare yourself for a psychological thriller on dealing with trauma, with surrealistic styling that really hits home.

The film tells the tale of Taiwanese Nina Wu, who has been trying to make it as an actress for eight years. Her dream finally comes true when she is asked to play a role in a blockbuster movie. It is a bit of a shock to learn she has to go nude for a racy sex scene. While she dreads having to do so, her manager tells her to overcome her embarrassment. A feverish dream follows, through hotel corridors and dressing rooms, from the Taiwanese countryside to the realm of the rich and back, through all the twists and turns in Nina’s mind, an actress losing herself in her quest for fame.