NL: Dit concert wordt i.v.m. de corona crisis verplaatst naar een nader te bepalen datum. Hou de site in de gaten. Kaartkopers krijgen bericht.
EN: This concert will be rescheduled due to the corona crisis. Check the site for info. We’ll inform you by mail if you already purchased tickets.

OOIOO was founded by YoshimiO in 1995. The members came together as musicians who move freely between the audible and inaudible, rhythm and non-rhythm, noise and silence. The music they create is a collection of the moments and essence of their favorite sounds that they captured, as they come into being until they disappear into the ether. When MISHINA joined the band in 2016 as the new drummer, OOIOO gained more freedom in their rhythmic approach and overall sound. Just as each cell in the body consists of a microcosm of its own, the vibrations of each of the members resonate together to create a new life form.

deutche mark
deutsche mark gonna do the opening with a post nowave meta punk attitude, come for sound inspired by vacuum cleaners, groovy cartoon openings and catchy songs about wednesdays.

OOIOO - UMA (Official Music Video)