PAUW! returns with the next edition of VERA's multicoloured, cross-genre, groovy underground and pop music dance night! Put on your most expressive outfit and boogie the night away, proud as a peacock! All varieties are welcome - from peahens with modest plumages to peacocks with bright bold colours.

PAUW! features a special DJ Booth built out of around 15 televisions. The installation was made to let the people focus on dancing and each other instead of only looking at the DJ's. The night has to feel like a party, not so much like a concert or a big club. The televisions show different kinds of things, they might even be hooked onto a camera that shows the crowd while they are dancing.  On other TV's you can play play games! If you have some fun or interesting old video tapes laying around, bring them along! Some televisions have a built-in tape player.

Artwork: Vuilmasker
Marc de Krosse