Saturday 3 September


Coco Coquelicot B2B TheRalfenatorx // Looming Iris // VJ: Bigbstrd

A celebration of colourful people and groovy underground pop music

Dansen | Ticket: €5,- | doors: 23:00 - 04:00 | start: 23:15
File under: alternative, Eclectic, Electronic, Pop
Note: Doorsale € 3,00 before 00:00
Presale info: Free with VERA Clubkaart and after 03:00

After 2 sold-out PAUW's before the summer break we return with the third edition of VERA's multicoloured, cross-genre, groovy underground and pop music dance night!
Put on your most expressive outfit and boogie the night away, proud as a peacock! All varieties are welcome - from peahens with modest plumages to peacocks with bright bold colours.

Artwork: Aardkluit
Photo's: Marc de Krosse