We’re bringing together performances from a mashup of collectives to give you the utmost audio-visual clubbing experience. PLASMA stands to redefine dance music and with our first event we stand strong by those words. Together with our friends we wanted to bring you our first night. Our concept is derived from a group of people who share the love of dance music and with our experimental tracks we give our audiences music that we believe defines our generation today.

What you can expect:
Visual representation of our club scene and audio reactive display of our artist’s music selection. A collection of Eurotrance, Dance, Techno, Acid 303, Breakcore and Hardcore, Hyperpop, done by our already favorite DJ’s among the scenes in Groningen.

PLASMA is a concept of art created by the people and run by the people we stand by the search of good music and trust towards the dance scene worldwide.

We hold an utmost respect for our venue, and we hope you do the same, any unsolicited behavior is not tolerated and will result in permanent ban to our future parties. We are LGBT friendly area.