What should’ve been a nice relaxed holiday with friends, turned into a multi-day festival in the south of Spain. Polopop is a festival organised by four students from the Academie voor Popcultuur, including VERA’s very own intern Sophie van Megchelen!

The mountainous village of Polopos will be transformed into a musical playground on the 5th and 6th of July, and to kick things off a little the organisation invited two bands from the line-up and a special guest to come play the VERA Mainstage on the 6th of June!

Trying to capture the excitement, mystery, grandeur and tranquility of space, time. Life is a beautiful and amazing thing and this is what SSTO tries to capture and translate into music. SSTO’s music is a strong cocktail with heavy shots of pop, psychedelica, grunge, post, and synth wave.

While exploring the boundaries of music ABUZZ discovered they didn’t exist. The Dutch avant-garde-rock-jazz-punk-fusion band is like a crazy rollercoaster, they’re loud, tender, punk and a little bit strange.

Flying on a magic carpet, Baha Gratul will take you on a journey to distant lands, crashing down occasionally for some wild adventures. Get ready to immerse yourself in the deepest valleys and highest mountains of psychedelic rock, and when it comes to fuzz and delay, Baha Gratul has got you covered!