Two Belgian beer loving DJs will be playing 45s in a down-sized Grote Zaal (for maximum coziness effect) while drinking lots of Belgian beers, in an attempt to give the good people of Groningen (and beyond) a night filled with music to dance and booze to!

Before and after a live performance by The Freak genes DJ STIP and DJ PUCH will fill the night with ROCK N ROLL SEKSMUZIEK.

Call it what you want but if it doesn't make you wanna dance, drink, smash things or cast slightly inappropriate looks at your fellow drinkers and dancers, it's not worth playing; that's the POO POO PLATTER PARTY philosophy!

If you wanna get technical: we play the BEST of the FIRST part of the SECOND half of the 20TH century.

Expect stompin' rhythm and blues, primitive rock and roll, hot soul, wild rockabilly, raging (organ driven) instrumentals and sixties garage.

In other words: just plain good old fashioned ROCK N ROLL SEKSMUZIEK: music to get drunk by and move your feet!

(Or just sit at the bar, talk with your friends and keep the liquids flowing).

England's FREAK GENES are Andrew Anderson (HIPSHAKES, PROTO IDIOT) and Charlie Murphy (RED CORDS, HOLIDAY GHOSTS) with added musicians from the same Manchester scene for live shows.

Expect witty-gritty power pop, savage bar rock that has the distinctive flavour of musicians gone thru the class of LoFi with no false pretences. Sharp, cohesive songs that are so good you doubt they're all originals; filled with tons of attitude, adrenaline and pop sensibility, sitting on the end-of-the-70´s borderline between punk and pop.

Some insistent WIRE tempos, some intense post-punk rockers, always clocking in at two minutes or less. Imagine if ELVIS COSTELLO had only an hour of studio time to boil up an album and he wants the middle seat between SWELL MAPS "New York" and NICK LOWE "Heart of the City"...

THE FREAK GENES from Manchester will do a live set around 00:30 hrs.