They sold out the Forum Theatre, headlined the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and played to crowds of more than 10,000. Now, Australian pub-rock firebrands PRIVATE FUNCTION have ended their two-year musical silence.

Having spent the better part of five years crafting a solid reputation as one of the country’s most explosive, unpredictable and essential live bands, Private Function are an outfit whose on and off-stage reputation precedes them at every turn. 

Simultaneously combining their distinct brand of bratty humour and punk-rock irreverence with the majesty of rock and the pageantry of roll while continually poking holes in the genre, Private Function’s feverish following should come as no surprise to even a casual observer, with their devotees constantly riding the PF tsunami alongside them.  

Indeed, Private Function might strive toward the intersection of rock, punk and satire, but their new body of work proves they’re not just a group that should be taken seriously, but that they’re – most importantly – still on top.

Support Kalaallit Nunaat can be best described as a train that keeps on going, relentlessly quick and loud. Fusing shrill, screaming guitar feedback with a primal bass, even more primal drums and the most primal vocals, the group manages to find beauty in noise and simplicity. They’ve taken their brand of havoc to many venues and festivals in both the Netherlands and Belgium including Left of the Dial, Grasnapolsky, and an EP release in Rotown Rotterdam. The band has already released two EP’s, “Television” and their latest “Texoprint”. Looking to the future, the trio is working on releasing a set of singles, a new EP and playing many more shows all over Europe.