Public Service Broadcasting have been teaching the lessons of the past through the music of the future for more than a decade now. The band samples old public information films and archive material and set them to new music. Live, the films are screened simultaneously. As laptops are fiddled with, drums are pounded, guitars are bashed and banjos furiously plucked.

Though PSB’s use of electronics and surging guitar rock remain familiar, their latest album, Bright Magic (2021), uses samples, and the English language, sparingly. It differs from their previous albums in other ways: less linear and narrative, instead it’s an impressionistic portrait of a city from the ground up.

A very pro-European record, Bright Magic is ultimately not just about one city, but all centres of human interaction and community which allow the free exchange and cross- pollination of ideas. The band goes back on the road in 2024, stopping by at VERA on the 13th of November