Since October 2022, the co-founders and resident DJs of LOFT have been hosting their own new dance night: PUSH IT. Every third Saturday of the month, with various guest DJs and live music in the night.

For this edition UMOJA is invited to join Pushin Wood System in the VERA main hall during PUSH IT. These sunshine boys from Haarlem mix all new and old styles from the motherland and beyond. They are excellent, very creative producers who are always working on brilliant music with that delicious rhythmical factor we want on the PUSH IT dance floor. The team has just returned from a trip to Kenya and Zanzibar this month, where they work on their projects like Bengatronics that the PUSH IT crew would definitely recommend for you to check out. Happy to have them with us once again.

If you're a lover of a deeper cosmic disco trip you're up for a treat as zOoTiMe is taking over the VERA basement. Expect some deep disco swingers from this youtube legend.