Besides being the name of a picturesque village in Nepal, the band Ramkot is above all one of the most promising young Belgian rock bands of the moment. With an EP release show in a packed concert hall of Vooruit (Ghent) and a packed tour schedule through Belgium and the Netherlands (Pinkpop, Lokerse Feesten, Paaspop, Rock Herk, …) the band proved that they are ready for more. The release of their first EP was an instant hit. Single ‘Red‘ got the necessary airplay on Studio Brussel, Willy and KINK (NL) and the band also won De Nieuwe Lichting 2021 with this song. Later that year, a second EP was released, in which the band showed that they had not yet grown out. With an impressive club tour, the Ghent trio shows that their solid but danceable music should also be experienced live.