Rotterdam post-punk powerhouse Rats on Rafts has always been considered to be one of the Netherlands’ most progressive bands. This spring, the band released their eagerly awaited new album Excerpts from Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit Paths. But of course Rats on Rafts saw all the connected gigs and shows cancelled (for reasons known to all), yet then had the brilliant idea of appeasing their demanding public by releasing Visions Of Chapter 3, an interdisciplinary music film in which the band play the new album in its entirety live, in a mesmerising mix of movie, visuals, theatre and dance, creating a unique setting that blows any livestream out of the water! This puts them in an excellent Dutch tradition of not only mixing music with a great show, but showcasing an album (like De Kift has done at VERA on so many an occasion) in an utterly unique manner.

Thanks to A Small Production Company, this multidisciplinary production was able to see the light, allowing something that a regular touring schedule would never permit, which was to further enhance Rats on Rafts’ usual artistic practice so that they would be able to transport their audience to the world of Excerpts From Chapter 3, exploring recognisable themes such as loneliness and escapism.

After the screening, there will also be a Q&A with Rats on Rafts and A Small Production Company to wrap up what will no doubt be another memorable Zienema night. Don’t miss this.

Anna & david