Satan and Adam tells the tale of one-man-band Sterling ‘Mr Satan’ Magee and harmonica virtuoso Adam Gussow, two blues musicians who encounter one another in the streets of 1980s New York. Disillusioned by the music business, Mr Magee left it behind to spend many years working as a street musician, playing the same spots around Harlem. When Adam asks whether he can join in one day, a musical bond is quickly forged. Rather to their own surprise, Mr Satan and Adam Gussow meet increasing success, until the day comes that Satan suddenly disappears without a word.

Filmed over the course of three decades, Satan and Adam creates a colourful portrait of two musicians, who despite their totally different backgrounds, form a close musical friendship. Which means that this documentary celebrates something that VERA has been promoting for decades as a venue: the connecting power of music.

Be sure to stick around after the movie to enjoy some live music too. Vera Downstage will be hosting an extra edition featuring the Australian band Constant Mongrel.