Life has taken its toll on former colonel Frank Slade, now blind and prone to sarcasm with a poetic tinge. Charlie Simms is a serious and honest student, who is hired to look after Slade. Together, the two so completely different men experience a New York adventure so unexpected and explosive in nature that it will change both their lives forever.

Scent of a Woman is a tale of two polar opposites who need one another much more than either ever would like to admit. Of course there is no need to introduce acting legend Al Pacino. The way he acts in this movie in no way resembles him playing a role: he simply is Frank Slade. This no doubt explains why he won his first-ever Oscar for his depiction of the eccentric ex-colonel. Student Charlie Simms is played by Chris O’Donnell, who serves as an excellent foil to Pacino, while evoking the right emotions and especially the innocence and naivety that truly bring his character to life. Thanks to all the excellent acting, Scent of a Woman can simply be described as a veritable actor’s movie, one which any film lover will appreciate.

Scent of a Woman - Trailer