In 2003 Snowstar Records was founded by Cedric Muyres. In the years that followed the record company has become one of the most famous indie labels in the Netherlands. Over the past fifteen years Snowstar Records released price-winning albums, established international collaborations with other labels and received a 3voor12/Utrecht award for best Utrecht initiative in 2013.

The reputation of the label is due to the music made by the artists that released on it, such as I Am Oak, Kim Janssen, broeder Dieleman and Town of Saints. But also because of an eye for new talent. In 2008, for example, the label released the first EP from Kensington and recently they signed young band Donna Blue with Snowstar Records.

The 15th anniversary will be celebrated with a party in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht on the 8th of December with I Am Oak, Kim Janssen and Donna Blue. A week later, on the 14th of December, there’s a party in Vera, Groningen, where Town of Saints, I Am Oak and Kim Janssen will play shows.

Muyres on the 15th anniversary of Snowstar Records: “I never dared to expect Snowstar Records to be here after 15 years. That is entirely due to all the beautiful releases of our artists. I think the label stands for beautiful music and I think it’s good to let that sink in and celebrate, so we can move onwards and upwards to the next milestone!”