Rarely do you come across a film with such an unique sound design as seen in Sputum. For the film, director Dan Geesin used his own sound theory called ‘percussive ambiance’. The rhythm of the human heart plays a major role in this. The sound also directs the narration; sometimes you hear what is happening outside the frame.

But the sound design is certainly not the only thing that makes Sputum unique. The Netherlands is, to put it mildly, not at all known for science fiction films. That someone makes an attempt to fill the gap in this canon is really exceptional. But if that’s not enough, this artful film also has a solid theoretical underpinning; reflecting on the current ecological state of the world, class inequality and resistance.

In short, Sputum offers plenty of food for thought. So don’t hesitate to ask questions to the director during the Q&A that will take place after the screening. But the questions do not have to be limited to Sputum, because we will also be showing a pre-film: Olivantenvoeten (2011), one of Geesin’s earlier works.

– Hilde