Love. Death. Decay. These are the three themes around which STAKE’s new record is built. The Ghent post-metal and noise band throws all conventions overboard. STAKE, previously known as Steak Number Eight, has grown over the years into a close collaboration, with all group members contributing lyrics and the band also having the controls in the studio themselves for the first time.

The Voskenslaan in Ghent is their special place. This is where they rehearse and also recorded “Love, Death And Decay. This sixth, atmospheric album starts with chatter in a cozy pub and frontman Brent bared his soul at a calm pace. STAKE will be touring with High On Fire, among others, and for now their main goal is to play, enjoy and feel the power of solid guitar music together.

The Belgian garage punk quartet Mind Rays plays the support for STAKE this evening. The band plays lean, high tempo songs that are polished without being pristine, played with sky-high confidence.