Rike is forty, she is a successful doctor whose job demands everything of her. She intends to use her much-needed annual holiday to fulfil her long-cherished dream of sailing single-handedly from Gibraltar to Ascension, a small tropical island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Her desire for a carefree holiday seems to be coming to pass but then her adventure suddenly turns into an unprecedented challenge when she spots a badly damaged, hopelessly overloaded refugee boat nearby. When she contacts the coast guard, they tell her to stay away from the ship and that they will send help. But as help never turns up, Rike is faced with a difficult decicion: will she help the refugees or just wait.

Movies that Matter On Tour is a spin-off of the annual Movies that Matter Festival. From October until May film theatres in seventeen Dutch cities host a one-off screening of festival favorites. Each month a controversial film or documentary in combination with introductions or Q&A’s with inspiring guests.