“Some bronze, others burn.”

Love Island, except the main character is a pathetic, balding, overweight middle-aged man: Kostis, the new general practitioner on the Greek island Antiparos. With the arrival of summer, so too arrive the holiday goers on the island and consequently – naturally – at the doctor’s office, where Kostis is increasingly suffering from his midlife crisis. In an attempt to rediscover his withered youthfulness, disillusioned Kostis loses himself in the booze, parties and sexual urges – themes that are also found in other films (Monday, Wasted Youth) from director Argyris Papadimitropoulos. Discomfort and hopeless desire play the lead roles in Suntan, a downward-spiral-shaped portrait of a man with an ever-increasing lack of self-awareness and -respect. Papadimitropoulos makes us sympathize with the miserable Kostis so much that Suntan, a film full of rather dark humor, is almost too painful to laugh at.