T.H.O.P. 01 is the first ever event curated by The Hands Off Project.

The Hands Off Project is an independent organisation expressing contemporary punk through various conceptual utterances. In collaboration with VERA Hands Off members Tim Daniël Stienstra and Janneke de Boer launch their new project. Come and see five cool bands. Oh… and grab your free zine by T.H.O.P. on your way out!


The Earwurms
Earwigs are one of the most misunderstood insects. Many fear that they bite people… The Earwurms is a conceptual punk, jazz, riot band from Amsterdam consisting of three accidental women, with savory words to savor and a shebang of sound. They love nederhoppers like Yes-R, but also riot grrrl bands like Le Tigre. They've been compared to The Raincoats, even though they can't really be compared to anybody.

Dorpsstraat 3
Dorpsstraat 3 is synthwave from Haarlem. Punchy bass and talk-like vocals, melodic synth and old school drum sounds, hallelujah! Think De Ambassade, but make it punk.

Hands Off
Hands Off is independent punk from Groningen. The band writes about injustice and takes a sense of urgency to the stage, inspired by riot grrrl bands from the 90s, egg- and synthpunk. Their sound is often described as fuzzy, snappy and the songs are played with high-speed.

Baby’s Berserk
Baby's Berserk was born in a laboratory back in 2019. Tired of being in bands with unruly and unpredictable humans, Mano Hollestelle set out to create a group of high precision robots to play post-punk music with. His outdated technology of floppy disks and cassette tapes were working well to program the androids, until one day a 90s rave mixtape was mistakenly inputted. The punk bots now understood the true love and joy of dance music and could never be reset to factory settings again.

Dyatlov plays a bleak, cold & resentful style of noisepunk that is best listened to in a primitive wooden cabin on a freezing tundra night. Their music is a sonic representation of despair, poverty, pain & hopelessness, drenched in sin and substance abuse. Dyatlov doesn’t care about rock ‘n’ roll or anything it stands for. Dyatlov doesn’t care about themselves. And most importantly: Dyatlov doesn’t care about you.