The Hands Off Project is an independent organisation expressing contemporary punk through various conceptual utterances.
After an indelible T.H.O.P. 01, The Hands Off Project is back with another event in VERA. T.H.O.P. 02 was created from a new concept with quite an experimental outcome. On the display: three cool new acts combined with stunning performances and a stage you’ve never seen in VERA before!

x The Hands Off Project


Blackcap is a free improvisation group mixing avant-garde, jazz, rock and
electronics. Their experimental sound meets dark melodies, rays of textures,
awry repetitions and rusty rhythms.

ASBEST BOYS is hardcore punk from Haarlem. What started as a studio
project during the quarantine days has grown into the most wanton live
sensation of the century. They describe their own music as 'music for the
institutionalised' and anyone who has ever seen Asbest Boys live will agree
wholeheartedly. Enter their shows at your own risk! Stinky!

Badtime from The Hague was born in 2020 as a visual art collaboration
between Kevin Schuit and Ioana Ciora. Their collaboration quickly grew into a
multi-disciplinary universe of its own. What can be seen as the soundtrack to
their drawings is sinister and gloomy yet energetic and dancy, incorporating
electronic drum beats, pulsating bass lines, hypnotic synths and driving punk