You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’? Well, Garrett T. Capps likes to mess with Texas. As he describes himself, he is “San Antonio’s resident cosmic country gonzo honky tonk weirdo freak.” Or as the headline in Rolling Stone online screamed in boldface: “Meet the Texas Weirdo Mixing Kraftwerk with Doug Sahm to Create ‘Kraut Country’.”

Like Willie, Waylon, and Kacey Musgraves, Garrett T. Capps and his band NASA Country come from a long line of Texans adding their own spin to country tradition.

On last year’s People Are Beautiful – the San Antonio native and his band mix twang with synthesizers and a krautrock pulse, but what really sets it apart is Capps’s sensibility. He sings about politics, paranoia, and the darkness of our times, but it’s all lightened because he’s a funny and positive guy. If you’re going to kick out the jams on cosmic country, it helps if you’re as cosmically, wonderfully weird as Capps.

As support the band The Pink Stones will be coming along. “There’s obviously a lot of country and rock in our music, but there’s a lot of gospel and soul and psych and dub. I really wanted to get all of those things living peacefully together in one record.” says Hunter Pinkston, singer and guitarist of The Pink Stones.

While Pinkston is hesitant to call You Know Who a coming-of-age album, the trials and rewards of adulthood animate every song.