Tamikrest: Tamasheq for crossroad, connection. A perfect way to describe the Malian band, whose members hail from different parts of the world. Though their music takes root in Ishumar Rock or Tuareg Blues, it borrows from various international influences, as well as from neighboring cultures. Through their music, Tamikrest wants to make the Tamasheq culture accessible to inhabitants of a world larger than the immensity of the Saharan desert.

Their story begins in Kidal, a desert town in the north of Mali, where the band was formed back in 2006. Their instruments? Two old, homemade guitars, but they made it work. Through the years, Tamikrest has grown, and the band has played some major international stages and has accumulated a steady fanbase from all around the world. Their most recent album, Tamotaït (released in 2020), finds the band not only turning up the volume but also sharpening their meditative atmospherics and ruminations on the Sahara and the world beyond.