“You talkin’ to me?”

The Zienema screening of the 12th of July is all about saying farewell to Peter Weening. Well known as VERA’s colorful programmer, he retired in 2021. And of course we can’t let him do that without giving him a ‘goodbye movie’. Both a music and film lover, he told us that almost all of his favorite films are from the 1970s. At that time, he often went to the movies. For example, half an hour after reading the review, he sat in the cinema to watch Stalker. Another favorite of his is Taxi Driver, in which the New York of the 70s is beautifully portrayed. This movie made him a fan of Jody Foster and even more of a fan of Robert de Niro than he already was. And as far as weapons are concerned, the film is still current. So the perfect choice for a ‘goodbye movie’.

In Taxi Driver, Martin Scorcese paints a grim portrait of New York taxi driver Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro). He is a lonely man obsessed with pornography and violence. His life continues to decline, and he slowly loses himself in his paranoia. He grows increasingly annoyed by the thugs that walk the streets at night, and it’s only a matter of time before he springs into action.