The Cool Greenhouse play hypnotic, home-brew postpunk with an almighty lyrical bite. 2020 brought the release of their much-anticipated debut studio album on Melodic Records; taking their lo-fi home-recordings and showing off a newly developed, fuller sound, lifting their signature style to previously unexplored heights. Last year the band also emerged as a full line-up, disorientating and delighting their audiences in equal measure; supporting the likes of The Stroppies, Bad Breeding and Do Nothing.

2021 has seen the band perform at ESNS, Left of The Dial, Greenman, latitude and Dot to Dot. With sold out dates in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Support: Geo

Life is beautifully strange and Geo embraces it with dancepunk from the cracks of the earth. Their debut self-titled EP is filled with music that walks the line between no wave, post-punk and weird funk. The grooves from bass player Maud van Maarsseveen, drummer Gijs Deddens and percussionist Ype Zijlstra dictate the songs, while the guitars from Michiel Klein and Jorne Visser oversteer it into madness. A great crossover between old bands such as The Contortions, The Fall and Liquid Liquid and new such as DUDS and Shopping. Their debut hasn’t gone unnoticed as Bandcamp listed the EP as essential release. And with just a few shows in The Netherlands, they are already embarking on their first tour through Europe. This is your chance to see Geo play for one of the very first times, so come and dance to it!