I have been a long-time admirer of The Sadies. And I use the word admirer on purpose because my love for their beautiful music roots deeper than just love.

Ever since I heard the captivating story of Anna Leigh, a sad tale of a song that chills the bones, about the predicted death of the protagonist, I’ve been mesmerised  by their romantic, electrifying sound. Dark haunting ballads are mixed with slightly faster songs always sung beautifully serene in perfect harmony by the two brothers Dallas and Travis Good.

Dallas sadly passed away too young and unexpectedly in the winter of 2022 just before the release of their latest album Colder Streams, an astonishing album with hypnotising songs that lift your spirit and make your heart cry at the same time.

Guitar strings float through the songs leaving soft kisses covered with a warm blanket of dreamy vocals. Some bittersweet, some enchanting. The sound is crystal clear with just enough flanger and reverb balancing the carefully produced songs. You can just feel yourself sitting by that creek with deep red autumn leaves falling from the trees above in a star sprung sky. A remarkable record. Tracks like Ginger Moon and End Credits are a touch of wonder and bewilderment. A melodic, almost claustrophobic outburst with an Ennio Morricone touch of loneliness. Desolate and captivating.

It’s not even country music or rock and roll anymore. The Sadies have created their own unique sound that doesn’t exist anywhere else but in their minds. They have walked a long and windy road since the release of their first album Precious Moments in 1998, getting rid of their demons on the way whilst telling gripping stories like the Brothers Grimm.

Or in the words of Dallas Good: Colder Streams is a record made with love. By loved ones.

I would like to dedicate this article to my beautiful friend Lisette who is always with me in spirit when I listen to The Sadies. May she and Dallas touch the stars.

We just are. And have been for a very long time.