This Will Destroy You is an American experimental rock band currently based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2004, the band typically composes lengthy, atmospheric, instrumental pieces featuring layers of effects-laden guitars cascading across the dynamic range of the sonic spectrum. In addition to their studio work and performing to diverse audiences around the world, the group has composed and recorded scores for a host of prominent feature-films, documentaries, and art installations.

Right off the back of a 6 months world tour, the Berlin-based atmospheric post metal juggernaut The Ocean (Collective) returns with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed Phanerozoic double album. Holocene sees The Ocean add a closing chapter to their palaeontology-inspired album series, presenting a gear shift towards the electronic world while redefining heaviness at the same time. 
 With Holocene The Ocean draw us into their momentum of truly forward-thinking music and relentless live performances. More than 20 years into their career, this Berlin-based collective still shake us to the core, inviting us to reconsider our lives from different angles.

As a special guest the band Playgrounded will be joining. Playgrounded is a rockband based in Rotterdam, NL and Athens, GR. Alternative metal and contemporary electronic elements form a genre defying sound that has been compared to Deftones and Massive Attack, Karnivool, The Ocean and Moderat.