“Not bad”, says Pedro, a true snob, when he and his wife and young son arrive late one evening at Vistamar, a Mexican all-inclusive luxury resort. “It’s perfect”, she replies, tired but satisfied. But the first bits of paradise begin crumbling away very soon: before they know it, a raucous sunburned family shows up at the door. The place has been double-booked, and it seems Pedro and Eva will be forced to share their quarters. When Pedro goes to sort things out, he only becomes increasingly caught up in the web of slippery PR subterfuge spun by the Vistamar staff, including an estranged middle-aged couple, Gloria and Andres. Slowly but surely, paradise begins to take on a rather unsettling tone ….

Tiempo Compartido is the second feature made by the wonderful Mexican cinema talent Sebastián Hofmann, who debuted at festivals five years ago with his remarkable zombie drama Halley. Hofmann uses his fine sense of style and sound to create a dream-like thriller, packed with black humour and a dash of ant-consumerism here and there. R.J. Mitte of Breaking Bad fame in excellent form would be reason enough to pay another visit to Oosterstraat 44.