This event is organised as a regular event, without the 1,5 meters distance. We will use the coronacheck app, you’ll need your ID and a valid ticket. More information on this page.

The mystical power that the Moon holds over humans is unmistakable – and not just in light of the countless works it plays the lead in. The Moon has served as source for myths, love stories, nightmares, science fiction, musical masterpieces and poetry, it has brought humankind to make massive technological strides in order to draw ever nearer to it, it is the root of the ebb and flow of the tides across the world, and – as if that were not enough – it also sheds the most light during terrestrial nights.

To The Moon is a wonderful cinematic collage, comprising film fragments, archive material, quotes and music revolving around our only permanent neighbour in space and our only true celestial companion, cast by Irish director Tadgh O’Sullivan in an ode to the barren rock that has such a overwhelmingly hypnotic effect on some of us mere mortals.