Tousch is a four-piece from Den Haag that delivers a neo-psych garage rock n roll sound. Maybe a mouthful, but this should only be expected for an all-star line-up such as this one, which includes a patchwork of members from Gypsy Liars, WOOT, Taymir, and Mister & Mississippi.

Natousch Gerrtisen (where, I assume, the band finds its name) wails with a voice that is simultaneously sensual, fierce, raucous, piercing... and without apologies. This is matched by heavy-hitting riffs and raw bluesy guitars, that make it no surprise that the band names Thee Oh Sees are among their influences.

As of right now, Tousch only has a 3-song "cassette bandje" out (yup, that means all analog, folks). Which, if I might, add, aptly captures their rawness - "fucked-up foutjes erin" and all. Have a listen yourself to their Soundcloud below. More importantly though, come out to witness what 3VOOR12 has named a "must see act", in the kelderbar December 7th. Maybe you'll even take one of those cassette bandjes home with you. | CISKA