Since their start in 2016, Tusky hasn’t rested for a moment. With two albums and an EP to their name, the band continues to refuel their passion for loud, fast and furious punk rock, and now the band is back with their third self-titled LP Tusky.

With this new album, Tusky had the honour of collaborating with Adrian Bushby (the producer for, among others, Foo Fighters, Spice Girls, and Muse), who helped the band find the perfect sound for this album. A mix of their old records and the new ones. Loud, dirty rock, fiercely polished into a punkrock gem. With twelve new songs Tusky is ready to take their live shows to a higher level. More band, more energy, more entertainment, and above all: more Tusk.

State Power
The new pissed-off band State Power produces hopelessly hard and fucking fast hardcore punk,  a real expression of frustration, but above all an unfiltered tantrum in which everyone is invited to participate.