VERA will present a tailor-made program for two days in De Kameleon on Noorderzon, this time in collaboration with the Rotterdam underground venue WORM and Jaap van der Velde (The Homesick). Together with these skippers we bring new, diverse and urgent bands to the stage. Amongst those an art-collective from Saint Petersburg. Check the site and chalkboard for the program!

15.15 - 16.00 Huub Prins (NL)
Dutch spoken pop-extravaganza alter-ego for Elias Elgersma (The Homesick). Known for his albums ‘Buitenspel’ and ‘De Rat’. Weird, self-reflective Ducth pop songs about friendship and bad habits..

16.30 - 17.15 Bogolepov (RUS/GER)
19.00 - 19.45 Bogolepov (RUS/GER)
With ‘20 Years of Love & Struggle’ the Russian elektro-punk visionaire Gene Bogolepov celebrates their 20 years on stage anniversary.
In October 2017 Bogolepov released a single titled ‘Mother Russia’, a loud and acute anti-Putin anthem, which triggered an outburst of aggression from right-wing /nationalist / patriotic members of society which made Gene decide to move to Berlin, seeking asylum in Germany.
On the 31st of December 2021 Bogolepov released their latest solo work so far – an album called ‘Art Brut’, which saw Gene reflecting on the power of art as therapy.
So what is Bogolepov like these days? Well, you’ll see! Gene revisits their older works and collects the best of what they have created - mixing styles, feelings and memories.

21.00 - 21.45 Sado Opera (RUS/GER)
Incredibly flamboyant electro-funk pop group. SADO OPERA - the queer Russian party band with no borders. Inspired by Parliament Funkadelic, Prince and Liberace, SADO OPERA hail from St. Petersburg. Now based in Berlin, this queer collective has become one of the city’s most provocative and eccentric music imports. One of the prevailing themes in the SADO OPERA philosophy is inclusivity, and the band talk passionately about queer visibility. For them, serious political action and serious fun can – and should co-exist.
Their songs offer a mix of disco, boogie and electro-funk fused into a high energy live show experience.

21:45 - 00:00 DJ's Lorakel B2B Neon Wasabi

Lorakel is een Groningse DJ toegewijd aan het openbaren van uiteenlopende eigenaardige muziek. Haar aandacht gaat veelal uit naar Latijns-Amerikaanse en queer geluiden gegoten in een elektronisch jasje.

Neon Wasabi
Neon Wasabi is based in Groningen and her cultural background combines the best of both the Western and Eastern worlds. Next to dj-ing and practicing her love for music and dancing, she is also dreaming of space travel and the ways to realize it. As a kid, she used to (secretly) listen to her uncle's new age and dream trance cassette tapes, which resulted in her love for synth based and electronic music. Nowadays, 90% of the time she still prefers the classic sound from the 90's and Y2K, with genres varying from house, hard house, progressive and trance, as long as it has that old school vibe.