VERA and SPOT present The Murder Capital playing at the Oosterpoort!

The Murder Capital creates a powerful and compelling sound that mixes of post-punk and indie rock with dark atmospheric elements. With inventive guitar parts, tight rhythms and emotion drenched vocals by James McGovern, they deliver an intense listening experience. The Ireland based outfit explores new sonic territories on their latest release called ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ by adding electronic elements, giving their music an industrial touch.

From subdued and introspective moments to explosive outbursts, The Murder Capital grabs you with urgency and profound emotion, taking you on an immersive journey full of intensity and meaning. Their excellent reputation allowed them to support different acts such as Pearl Jam, Foals and Bloc Party, among others. TMC now also has a reputation to uphold in Groningen, just ask anyone who attended their show in VERA in early 2020.

Practical information
This concert takes place in the Oosterpoort. Tickets can be bought from friday 2 June 11:00 using this link.