We’re excited to announce that prior to the movie, Dr Miklós Kiss (Assistant Professor in Film and Media Studies at the University of Groningen) will give an introduction about ‘The Effect of Inverse Narration’!

We from Wansmakelijk Goed adore movies that do not always fit in with the (big) audience. From extremely bad to terrifically good; all our evenings are thematized by “distastefulness”. Whether it’s filthy ‘gore’, amazingly improper b-movies or unconventional, lugubrious masterpieces. From horror, to drama, to comedy. We love it all and therefore select the most satisfying nourishment for the distaste buds!

This time around we’ll be zooming in on another part of the distaste spectrum, with a film that hits you like a sledgehammer. When it was screened at the 55th Cannes Film Festival, no fewer than 250 people left before it had ended. ‘This is a film that people love or hate, but it’s good to have these kind of extremes’, said Monica Belluci, who plays the lead. And we love it.

The story has us following Marcus (Vincent Cassel), set on a path wreaking vengeance together with his friend Pierre (Albert Dupontel). The two are looking for the perpetrator of the gruesome practices that Alex (Monica Belluci), the girlfriend of Marcus, has fallen victim to. Anyone who’s familiar with the oeuvre of Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void, Lovewill know that he has no problems transgressing boundaries, which is exactly what this spine-tingling movie does. The journey that takes place in the Parisian streets is shaped by typical Gasparian camerawork, whose shocks and rotations make you feel like you’re in one hell of a trip.

Immerse yourself in this hypnotic nightmare that, with its extreme rawness, creates an intensely powerful film which moves you and guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Irreversible Trailer HD