For the second year Noorderzon will include Wasmakelijk Goed, with our unconventional, little cinema. The program contains short films that don’t always fit in with the (big) crowd. From horror, to drama, to comedy; everything is thematised by ”distaste”. Submerge yourself in the world of unusual film and be surprised!

• 15 – 19 August
• 16:00 – 23:45 (a new film every half hour)
• €4,00 per film

PYOTR495 | Blake Mawson | 15 min | (Non)fantasy
An atmospheric, political (non)fantasy about anti-LHBTQ violence in Russia.

Noreen | Domhnall Gleeson | 18 min | Dark comedy
Two quirky police officers try to solve an unnatural cause of death. Their interaction forms the basis for a refreshing black comedy.

A Purgatory Story | Tom Albanese | 16 min | Romantic comedy
Out of boredom, Claire grabs an ouija board to get in contact with a demon. Little did she know that a passionate love arises between them. Also suitable for children.

Under the Apple Tree | Erik van Schaaik | 19 min | Morbid fairytale
A comedic stop-motion animation made by a home-grown director. In this dark fairy tale the dead rise again through the help of brave worms. Suitable for children who don’t fear a little filthiness.

Ringo | Yaara Sumeruk | 14 min | Absurdist Comedy
A bizarre encounter between a middle aged woman and a young male escort, provides the viewer a charming combination between feeling rather awkward and laughter.

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre | Iljra Rautsi | 15 min | Horror comedy
A blood gushing comedy about a woman’s desperate struggle to survive a pack of men who just want to explain everything to her.

Mompelaar | Wim Reygaert & Marc Roels | 22 min | Experimental
A surrealistic and dark portrait of a withdrawn young man, who lives in rural Flanders with his dominant mother. One of his daily walks is disturbed by an odd encounter with a couple of nature lovers.