Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band currently residing in Brussels. Feeding on the dynamics of the city, their music unveils feelings of alienation, propelled by an urging and ominous sound. Their live performances feel agitated and uneasy, yet always remain raw and honest. Whispering Sons’ first EP ‘Endless Party’ was released in 2015, followed by two 7 inches in 2016 and 2017. After winning Humo’s Rock Rally in 2016, one of Belgium’s most prestigious national contests, the band has been touring Belgium and Europe extensively. Their debut album ‘Image’ was released in October 2018.

Five-piece Fornet creates poignant and nonconformist post-punk in the rural scenery of Limburg, Belgium. Monotonous rhythms display the quintet’s kraut influences, while gleaming grooves and knife-edged guitars consistently appear in the foreground. Cold-blooded, straightforward patterns make amends for the five piece’s unorthodox flows in an overall noisy package which consistently sounds provocative and captivating.
Fornet wavers between twisting guitar-inflected sounds and fearless rhythms in a way that candidly expresses their nature. The band unleashed their self-titled debut EP in 2017, followed-up by a 7” titled Winter / Milk released on Brussels-based label sentimental on October 5, 2018. For their newest release, Fornet aimed at a dynamic and collective approach to creativity in a more pronounced way in order to articulate the band’s intimate coherence. Winter / Milk displays the band’s nonconformist and compelling voice in a clever and progressive fashion. The 7” exposes how Fornet means to evolve as an obstinate and vibrant collective.