Your Name tells the tale of a girl from a small town, Mitsuha, and a boy from a city, Taki. After a meteorite shower, they regularly wake up in each other’s bodies. Mitsuha is the daughter of a mayor of a town in the mountains. She is a run-of-the-mill high school student who dreams of leaving her boring hometown to seek her fortune in Tokyo. Taki goes to high school in Tokyo, where he works part-time in an Italian restaurant and has set his heart on becoming an architect or artist. They switch bodies and lives, without having any control over the process. Once they manage to find a way to exchange messages, they get to know each other better. But then a huge meteorite appears on the horizon and tension rises. Although they do want to meet each other, they wonder whether their connection is strong enough and whether they will even survive the meteorite at all.

The story told by Makoto Shinkai in his movie, that somewhere on earth there is someone with whom you are inextricably connected, is engaging, magical and heart-warming in equal measure. Shinkai’s most recent movie, Weathering With You, was released this January, making this the perfect moment to screen his technically outstanding animation feature on the big screen.