A man flees reality after losing his loved ones and retreats into his memories. Time stands still there and his loved ones are still alive. In this way, a city grows in his memories for years.

One day, his literary heroes and cartoon youth idols come to life there uninvited. They have always remained young in memory, but when the man discovers that his idols have all grown old and that eternal youth does not exist, he decides to return to reality.

Kill It And Leave This Town is a completely unique, very personal animation film. The film is unexpectedly moving, full of raw emotion, unpolished, yet thought through and perfected in every detail. The autobiographical impression is a reminder of images from Wilczynski’s childhood, in which his deceased parents and the birthplace of Łódź are revived. The director worked for fourteen years on this city of memories, drawn in a relatively bare sketchbook style, which makes it all the more real. A completely unique horror animation, wonderfully beautiful and tender, grim and dark.