Shortbus is a movie full of sex. And by that I mean real people having real sex. But this actually sounds way too simple for what Shortbus is, because it’s namely a sultry, funny and intimate exploration of love and sexuality.

In the film, we follow several New Yorkers navigating the comic and tragic intersections between love and sex. So we see several storylines, but they intersect in the swingers club Shortbus. Cisgender or gender nonconforming, straight or queer – whatever. In Shortbus they come in all shapes and sizes. This club is therefore called Shortbus because it is intended for visitors who do not recognize themselves in the so-called ‘Big Red Bus of Sexuality’.

This queer cult classic from director John Cameron Mitchell has reportedly been banned from Amazon Prime Video for containing “offensive content”. Anna from Let’s Talk About Sex (LTAS) will therefore give an introduction to the film, as she will discuss the harmfulness of this kind of prudishness and censorship. LTAS is an activist community and safe space, working to raise awareness about sexual health, consent and everything regarding sex that we didn’t learn in school.