The fact that Groningen has such a lively art scene is largely due to the Minerva Academy, where budding artists are challenged to develop their talents. Painting or sculpting might come to mind first, but the academy is also a breeding ground for film and animation. It would of course be a waste if those creations were to remain within school walls. That is why Zienema and Minerva have decided to join forces, bringing you an evening with films by students from the academy. And since no student has the time or money it takes to make a full feature film, we have put together a program of short films and animations. We have also invited some of the makers for short Q&As about their work!

Get ready for an eclectic evening of original work from young local creators, ranging from sinister animation to fairytale stop motion; from dreamy spoken word to magic-realist mockumentary and trippy cartoons:

Marieke Druiven & Lieve van Loon – Red: a trip
Zlatelina Tsokova – Alien Music Video
Alexandra Georgieva – hey mom dad
Rosalie Kemna & Jorn van Til – What Would you be
Olga Melcer – Digital Love
Jet Hoogenelst – Over | Denken
Emil Hogl – Angstaanjagend vertrouwd
Sukhmani Lunial – Nor[mal]
Lotte Huizenga, Anna-May Lohfeld en Heymin Lee – Princess and the pea
Ieva Grabrauskaite  РLucid

Please note: The program is in part silent, in part in English, and in part in Dutch with English subtitles. But one 20-minute film is in Dutch without subtitles.

Programme contains flashing images