In collaboration with Zot, Zienema will show a selection of Gerard Holthuis’ work, followed by a performance by Devid Ciampalini & Cristiano Carosi. 

A thriller without dialogue or plot, a poetic impression of flying planes, a hallucinatory bombardment of fishes. Rarely does Gerard Holthuis go for a clear narrative in his films, preferring an intuitive approach where it is mostly about experiencing, rather than knowing. Originally being a sculptor, Holthuis takes us into unfathomable worlds through a visionary cinematic language. 

Surrounded by tape recorders, old synthesizers and strange effects, Devid moves like a medium at the very core of his experience. He filters and mixes sound bubbles and then redistributes them in an attempt to fuse natural and electronic phenomena into new elements. Carosi focuses on sound as a vector of inexplicable meanings and human language. He uses recordings and samples, assembling and combining sound into ephemeral languages, nomadic spaces in which he improvises with tape loops made from field recordings, found sounds, recorded fragmented melodies and live synthesizers.

In short, an evening of stretching both cinematic and concert conventions, as a true collaboration between Zienema and Zot should be.



Careless Reef part 1: Preface (2005, 4 min)
Careless Reef Part 2: Abu Kiffan (2005, 7 min)
Careless Reef part 3 (2006, 9 min)
Careless Reef part 4: Marsa Abu Galawa (2004, 12 min)
City at Night (AMS) (2000, 9 min)
Hong Kong (HKG) (1999, 15 min)
West, The (SFO) (2000, 11 min)



Devid Ciampalini & Cristiano Carosi