Zwemfest is coming up again. This is a festival for and by student associations of the University of Groningen: VIP (Psychology), GHD Ubbo Emmius (History), GLV Idun (Life Science & Technology) & Ibn Battuta (Social Geography).
The festival collects the best upcoming indie-rock bands and present them on a gazzeling evening in legendery VERA Groningen! Check the bands below and join us in an night full of marvelous and danceable music!

TAPE TOY is crazy and that's good. Not bothered by the urge to be hip or popular, the Amsterdam young dog quartet is going it's own way.
That produces jumpy music with pretty hard guitars, smart synths and crazy turns. Add to that the energy of a racehorse and a bundle of songs or the earwig type and you understand that TAPE TOY is not "new band number that much".
Roos, Wesley, Maurice and Marc have not been harmed by their stubbornness. In their still short existence, they have won the Amsterdam Popprijs and played festivals like Zwarte Cross and Oerol and are looking forward to headline show in Paradiso Amsterdam.
This year you can admire them at your Zwemfest!

When you hear the name: 'Niko' you probably think of an East European serial killer, but nothing could be further from the truth. This fresh collective from The Hague is not averse to a rough game of ragging.
With a new EP, "Milk", they provide strong bones, ready for a steaming moshpit! The band started their adventure in Los Angeles which culminated in a rough catchy indie band, determined to conquer the Dutch music scene. See them at Zwemfest before you stand among the thousands of screaming fans.

Slack Attack
Imagine a beverage that makes you wide awake in the morning but is subtle enough for the night. Slack Attack is that stirred cocktail with the freshness of a slice of lime but has the unexpected twist of a shot of Tabasco.
Pour some sugar on it and don’t forget to serve it cold. The rhythm section guarantees a confidential groove while the horns garnish it with flavours from all over the world. Last year they played a handful shows (Grasnapolsky, Rotown and Grenswerk) to figure out how to translate the songs on stage.
A year later they’re back as a 7-piece outfit with a funky set full of danceable songs (w/ all the ex- The Super Soakers members). Inspired by acts as the Talking Heads, Serge Gainsbourg and Herp Alpert.

The Mighty Breaks
Known for their high energy live shows, The Mighty Breaks’ weapons of choice are fuzzy guitars and the, for a garage band, unusual addition of saxophone. All five band members sing, giving each track a different feel. The Mighty Breaks’ garage pop/90’s alternative sound is inspired by artists like Guided By Voices, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Dandy Warhols.
The past few months the band has focused on developing its sound and experimenting in a studio setting, and finally recording with Domenico Mangione at Basement Studio in The Hague. Single ‘Faking Chasing’ provides a first taste of the new material. After a string of singles their debut album Master Club is out now!

De Nachtwinkel
The weird duck in the bite (dutch saying) of this year is Nachtwinkel. This electro-garage project from Ruben Huizing armed with his synth, guitar and loop station will blow you away!

"Paracetamøl is four-piece garage punk band from Arnhem, The Netherlands. Their songs are wedged by obsessions and frustrations and played with a compelling urgency that leaves you shaking, but aching for more. Get your quick fix and start medicating!"

Fuzzy guitars, heavy riffs and intense drums. The Utrecht-born Bongloard is a young power-trio that's ready to mess you up. Inspired by the behemoth examples like Ty Segall and Thee oh Sees.

As an addition to recent editions we this year have Zomaarradio in the frontroom of Vera. This radiostation will bring their podcasts, Dj sets and shows live at Zwemfest. You can check their content at their Socials or come to Zwemfest to see that Zomaar is the best radiostation of Groningen!