It is time for another edition of Zwemfest! This festival is made for and by the following student associations of the University of Groningen: VIP (Psychology), GHD Ubbo Emmius (History), GLV Idun (Life Science & Technology) & Ibn Battuta (Social Geography). If you’re not a member, don’t worry, you can still join this night full of energetic music!
During Zwemfest we can enjoy and dance on the music made by 7 different bands in VERA Groningen!

Check out the bands below and we will see each other 30th September!


19:45  Steeby & the Better Days
Steeby & the Better Days is a 7-person band and has developed, after the corona period, into an energetic live act. The band’s biggest source of inspiration is Hip Hop, but also combines the influences from Jazz, Funk & Soul. In the lyrics of Steeby, the Groningse down-to-earth vibes of his hometown are combined with philosophical wisdom, and strength and vulnerability. The band behind Steeby is called the Better Days for a reason; The combination between the singer and his band guarantees positivity, openness and a lot of energy!

20:45  TESSEL
Another band that will be playing at Zwemfest is TESSEL. TESSEL is a light-hearted indie pop band with quirky guitars, groovy drums and layered harmony vocals. Before the first lockdown, the four band members went to Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studios to work on lots of new songs. A collection of personal stories has been transformed into a debut EP entitled 'Family Time' which was be released on November 4, 2021. TESSEL is inspired by artists like Mac Demarco, Benny Sings and Beach Fossils.

22:00  PEER
Peer will be playing at Zwemfest 2022! This energetic alternative rock band released their debut album „Laughing About It is Far More Exciting“ in 2019 and presented the record in a sold-out Paradiso, Amsterdam. The band is inspired by artists like Nothing But Thieves. On the guitar and the lead vocalist is Gijs Teuwsen. On the bass is Brian van Es and Renzo Rijn plays the drums. Last but not least is Jesper de Jonge on the guitar.

23:15  Orange Skyline
This year the headliner of Zwemfest is going to be Orange Skyline. The brothers Stefan and Niels van der Wielen form the ideal creative couple. Together with their drummer Mart Atema and bass player Simon Christiaanse they will rock in Vera. Orange Skyline is influenced by the sound of Oasis, the Libertines and the Who. You might know them from their song A Fire, which was played during the Olympic Games this year!


21:00  The Super Soakers
The Super Soakers are back and unexpectedly resurrected from the grave. They have matured through experience, but their energy has remained. With the song as a foundation, they continue their own tradition of witty lyrics and a jumble of staccato riffs. They try to convert the emotion of anger into music and lyrics. They believe that punk is not a defined genre, but an attitude: critical, fearless and energetic. The Super Soakers believe in the principle of 'what you give, you get back' or 'positivity attracts positivity'. In the band they influence each other as friends and serve the music.

22:15  Wasted Youth Club
Explosive, energetic and fuelled with sweat and beer is what creates the Party Garage sound of the Dutch band Wasted Youth Club. Their fuzzy, chaotic live shows are known for tearing down venues and boundaries between the audience and the band. Wasted Youth Club finds inspiration in surviving in the 21st century as four idiots in their quarter-life crisis and from bands such as FIDLAR, Together Pangea and Ty Segall. Take a listen and let your neighbours enjoy it too!

23:45  The Desmonds
The Desmonds are a new Dutch underground rock band from Groningen. Reinventing themselves in the studio and on stage, their music combines the American garage punk with that indefinable yet distinct Dutch rock sound, akin to Iguana Death Cult and Personal Trainer. Now last October they released their new debut album: Good Morning America.