Everybody who is or has been a volunteer at VERA, knows that you don't have to expect a lot of the day after the once-in-three-years volunteers party. An evening with barbecue, a cocktail bar, a hot tub, plenty of beers and company director Sigo who makes you take shots, does that to you. A bit hungover to say the least, it took a bit more effort than usual to set up the Downstage set for CIVIC. Best piece of advice came from frontman Jim: ´Still hungover guys? you know what will work? Just chug half a lukewarm beer.´

 I like to think that that did the job, but in reality it was probably just the band themselves. From the moment the guitars were tuned and the opening chord to ´Flick the Station´ blasted through the amps during the soundcheck, we knew we were in for a treat. The show was, as former Downstager Mark described it, ´next level shit.´ and I do believe it left the majority of the audience in awe. In present days, I would probably take a vaccine straight into the eye, if that would mean I could see a show by CIVIC again that evening. 

After their already great EP's and singles from the last couple of years, their debut album is out today on Flightless records and it is packed with songs in the style of Aussie cult bands such as Radio Birdman and the Saints. Just straightforward punk rock and it´s killer.|Robert

P.s.: I´ve never seen a band that could drink as many beers as they did.