Mark, former promoter for Downstage, asked one of his and Downstage's favorite bands - Gods & Queens - if they wanted to contribute something for Vera Downstage.

"The Gods & Queens shows were kind of a (very good) thing in the basement. The mutual "understanding" between us during the shows and of course the pancake ship are some fond memories. With that in mind we thought it might be nice to write out this story and accompany it with a Gods & Queens approved pancake recipe (preferably edible)."

Gods & Queens soon responded:

Hello people of Vera!

The Gods and Queens pancake recipe is much like the band was. Just grab a bunch of shit, throw it together, see what happens. Sometimes these pancakes stick together really good, sometimes they fall apart no matter how many things you add in.  Other times, yeah well, you make the perfect combination of ingredients & you get distracted & you burn them on the stove but still try to serve it, fully well knowing it’s not your best.

Give these a shot. If they turn to shit, well clearly you made them wrong. If they see epic & the best pancakes you’ve ever eaten, then certainly we will take all of the credit.

2 fist fulls of flour.

If my wife is reading this, I don’t use any sugar, but if anyone else is reading this, you put in as much sugar as you want. Usually whatever I can grab with my hand without it spilling all over the counter.

I don’t eat eggs, so I chop up a banana & a half and it mash it around in there, then I throw some almond milk in there. I don’t measure anything, what the point in that? No risk, no reward. I just keep mixing it around until I think it’s good enough. Sometimes I open the cabinet & see what’s in there. Shredded coconut? Sure. Peanut butter, yup. Left over sprinkles from the time I thought I wanted to learn how to become a baker, yeah add those two. Keep mixing it up, maybe add some more almond milk. Oh yeah, turn the stove on. Throw some oil in the pan, get it hot enough. By now my wife’s wondering what the hell is happening in the kitchen & she comes to investigate. This is when I grab like, blue berries or raspberries to make it look like I’m really trying to make a good healthy breakfast for myself, wife & daughter. I just throw those in on top.  Once you’re ready you over pour them into the pan. WAY to big to be able to be flipped around. So they burn & fall apart. Throw in a few curse words & excuses, chop them in half & keep going. By now my daughter is on the 5th episode of some cartoon asking when we are eating, my wife is complaining that the smoke alarm has gone off twice, & now it’s ready. Just grab whatever you have maple syrup, strawberry jelly, whatever, throw it on top, eat them & then pretend you got a phone call or you forgot you have to be someplace & run away before anyone asks you to do the dishes.