Op maandag 19 september speelt Terry in de kelderbar, samen met Bert Scholten. Het interview is met Al, die al eerder in Vera speelde met UV Race, waar Bert ook in het voorprogramma stond. De twee hebben elkaar leren kennen en mede daarom hebben we Bert gevraagd om de band te interviewen.

I was recently on a long bustrip and the busdriver was an hour late picking us up for the way back from Berlin. Everybody was quite hungover. When we drove away the busdriver put on Abba, a soothing moment. You are a couples band like Abba, who is Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid in TERRY? Did you have a fight over who is who?

Well im certainly Agnetha from the "take a chance on me video". Amy is Bjorn. Zephyr is Anna-Frid and Xanthe is Bjorn. Everyone is happy with their parts

That does sound like an extremely soothing moment. I work a job which involves a lot of driving and idle-time in slow melbourne traffic. You cannot underestimate the importance of good music in these situations. One time i nearly cried when "little red corvette" came on the radio after a gruelling 11 hours of furniture removals in 35 degree heat. Yesterday the guitar solo in "peggy-sue" by buddy holly got me through the whole day. The pilot that was flying buddy's plane was not certified to fly by instruments only.

You told me you have a Snake solo lp coming, new Lower Plenty and Total Control. Do you have a trick to keep up so many musical projects running? I have lost my motivation in some projects I did before. How do you stay motivated and together as a band?

I think there's usually at least 1 person who stays motivated with a project to keep it moving along at some kind of pace. I feed off other peoples energy pretty easily so feel motivated to make music a lot. Plus.....maybe im addicted to music. I'm a fanatic i think. I love making music, listening to music.

I think with the snake solo stuff i've easily lost motivation at time due to not having anyone to bounce off. I'm really proud of those solo recordings and it was a real fun experience getting very internal in the creative process, doing things i wouldnt usually do in a group situation. But i dont think i have it in me to do a solo thing all the time. maybe i need some sort of pat on the back along the way (egotist) or maybe i just need someone to bounce off (socialist). That's it. i'm a socialist.

Foto Terry

So you do volunteering in a community legal centre. What's that and what do you do? Do you need the same skills for this?

Yeah I volunteer one day a week at an Aboriginal Legal Service. The organisation provides free legal advice and services to Aboriginals in the state of Victoria who cannot afford private services.

Australian institutions continue to violently discriminate, persecute and punish the rightful owners of the land we live on. It's pretty straight forward. Not a lot of educated people can deny this once they are aware of whats happening. It's just that people choose to ignore our history so they continue an easy-going privileged lifestyle.

The Victorian Police Force continues to grow bigger and bigger as successive state government commit to a harder stance, not more a sensible and constructive approach. Indigenous people continue to be over-represented in the prison-system without any cultural change resulting in the recognition of the current and historical destruction of Indigenous civilisation.

I don't do much. Lazily, i don't put aside more time. I mostly am on the phones doing client intake, which is the initial contact with a client, noting the exact charges the individual faces and personal information. I also call up police stations around the state and provide welfare checks and ensure the Police are not doing anything illegal (which they do!).

We've talked about hobbies before. In the videoclip your band is linedancing. Are there more hobbies you would like to practice as a band?

Squats, you have to stay fit. Also food appreciation. We are all gutsy pigs. Would be good to get some Dutch specialties when we are in Groningen. Swimming too. where is the best swimming in the Netherlands? I love bamiblok vegeterisch.

Xanthe is into taking photos. Zeph is into bikes and saving money. Amy is into painting and EBay. I am into home recording and TV. As Ivy Green said. I'm your television.