1996 - Eddie Vedder's surprise visit to Vera

We received this nice story about Eddie Vedder’s surprise visit to Vera in 1996.  Kim Warnick (The Fastbacks) wrote this down for us on our Facebook account. Enjoy!

“Hi you. Kim from the fastbacks here. Just wanted to share a story with you guys. So….we played at your club back in 1996 and Eddie Vedder came with us as it was a night off for Pearl Jam. One of the best nights on the tour that we did with them all over Europe for 5 weeks. I remember that Pearl Jam had the night off but we didn’t. So we played at your club and it was wonderful. Ed went there alone, on the train, and kind of surprised us. We were there really early that day, which was fine, being able to just hang around, doing nothing for a while. But as sometimes is the case when you are bored……a ‘band’ was formed. It was called “The What” and it was a Who cover band, although there were some other killer songs on that set list, oh, and I think there were some Pearl Jam songs on the set list as well. It was Eddie Vedder, Mike Musburger, and Kurt Bloch. And it was amazing. The “What” played 1 other time, which was in Portugal. But the main reason I am writing this story to you ……..is that Eddie actually met us at your club that day. Do you remember? Pearl Jam had a night off that night so he wanted to hang out. Duh. It was such a great day and leading up to our show that night at the Vera club this awesome band was “formed.” Hence, “The What.” And yeah, they ruled the universe. I remember a moment when people figured out that it was Eddie Vedder and they started yelling, “Hey, fuck you. I wanna see the fastbacks.” HA. What I really remember is Ed yelling back, “I wanna see them too, hold on and fuck off.” Punk. They mostly played a set of Who songs, a couple Pearl Jam songs, and, um, I forget. That was one of the best times of my life, ever. We had such a great time all over Europe. I still find it hard to believe that Pearl Jam took us with them, all over Europe. We even got to play Istanbul!?

I just wanted to share this story with you guys. Those were the best times ever. I really just wanted you guys to know that I’m glad you exist. Otherwise it would’ve sucked.”

Much punk love,
Kim Warnick