‘So I’m for making our post-lockdown opening movie one with a theme like “isolation” or “quarantine” or “virus.” What about you guys?’ This appeared one day in the Zienema WhatsApp group. ‘Ha-ha, yeah, that’s perfect for us. No sugar-coating stuff with something just amusing,’ was the response. A meeting and some online debate later, we had our candidate: Pontypool. So that’s what we’ll be screening for you – after an unavoidable yet necessary break – a quarantine viral hit if ever there was one.

Of course Zienema had to celebrate the easing of an intelligent lockdown with an intelligent horror gem, in which we meet a radio host in the small town of Pontypool. His humdrum broadcasting days are quickly thrown awry when strange telephone calls start coming in. Nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat events ensue, working towards a cataclysmic climax, all served with a healthy helping of humour.

Dear Zienema visitors, we are ever so happy to be able to host you in our adapted coronavirus-hopefully-proof movie theatre. There is no better movie to get to know our new set-up with than this low-budget high-quality flick. So wash those hands and head our way!

Pontypool Trailer (HD)