While the band name may sound like a designer drug, it is the music itself that lifts you into higher spheres. The acronym stands for four brothers, two mothers: an ultra-short band bio. The two pairs of brothers met as kids, writing songs together at the tender age of twelve. Due to the stormy development of their individual musical careers – they played in successful indie, garage and jazz bands – Teun, Cas (Go Back To The Zoo, St. Tropez), Rocco (De Staat) and Jimmi (Jo Goes Hunting) never got around to making music together.
Until now; This is happening.

March 11 their first album will be released.

Shaemless is a four-piece postpunk band from Nijmegen. Being inspired by bands like The Stooges and The Birthday Party, their shows are intense and soaked with sweat. The sound is raw, energetic, noisy, and dynamic. With their most recent album ‘SUUZ’, the band sounds better than ever, and they’re more than ready to take over the stage!